Most competitors hist look like a programming language. That’s not a natural language. OLE only writes down the facts. A natural means: ALL can read & understand OLE in an natural easy manner.

Many NPL`s are only an architecture, a design (not there!) for ICO: “the tower of Babel” sold again.

Many just got the wrong paradigm: OLE is not AI, like Google translate or IBM Watson. Look: If it was that easy Google would have done something like OLE ?! The huge market is there.

No word on “digital evolution” and it’s just as important as the rest…..

You generate a lot of versions of code. But HOW to handle all these updates and “digital contract evolution”. Once on a blockchain nothing can be deleted! How to handle all those versions?

So, take these criteria and enjoy your comparison of NPL's with this list from github/Mulder.

OLE English left compiles to #solidity on the right. life! We showed how to do an escrow agreement with no #code @blockchaingers masterclass. Applause!

OLE is “Google translate ” voor de blockchain. OLE wordt 5-8 April 2018 voor het eerst gebruikt op grootste hackathon ter wereld in Groningen. OLE maakt programmeurs overbodig.

Groningen, 20180405

Wat is OLE ?

OLE is een Natuurlijke Blockchain specificatie- en programmeertaal met een compiler. De OLE compiler zet een EU taal automatisch foutloos om in programmeercode. Bijvoorbeeld: Engels naar Solidity, de taal van de populaire Ethereum blockchain. OLE staat voor Objects, Language & English. OBN is de Nederlandse variant.

Waarom is OLE ?
Om snel resultaat te boeken met blockchaintechnologie is wel het juiste gereedschap nodig. Dat is OLE. Zonder raak je achterop. Blockchain wordt snel een triljarden markt (2020) stelt Gartner.

OLE wordt automatisch omgezet en is daarom foutloos & complience proof. OLE lost tevens het tekort aan programmeurs op. Voor iedere blockchain programmeur zijn er 14 vacatures. Wat internet betekende voor de media is Blockchain voor al het sociaal, economische en tec...

Left you write down the input facts in a natural language.
Right you see the output Solidity code, executable on Ethereum


Regional & Language partners. OLE input language can be changed easily. So we do provide:

Dutch OBN Object Based Nederlands, Dutch).

When we have a local partner we will deliver:
German OBD: ObjektBasiertes Deutsch, natürliche blockchain Prozessspezifikationssprache.
Norwegian OSN Objekt Basert Norsk, Naturlig blockchainbehandle spesifikasjonsspråk.

Italian OLI. Oggetto Basato Italiano, grande Blockchain naturale linguaggio di specifica del processo.
Danish OBD Objekt Baseret Dansk, naturlig blockchain behandle specifikationssprog.
Estonian OPE, Keeletöötlus plokiahela protsesside kirjeldamiseks .
Spanish OLE Objeto Lenguaje Espagnol, blockchain natural Lenguaje de especificación de proceso.
Frensh OLF Objet Langage Français, blockchain naturelle langage de spécification de processus.
Frysk OBF natuerlik Objekt Basearre Frysk, blockchain spesifike taal).

OLE can change the input natural language in an easy way. We do have rich course materials that also can be translated easily.


The ultimate tool for Frysian mangers & lawyers to use the powerful blockchain technology to reinvent Frysia.

The blockchain defines business processes "upfront" or in advance. It is a total different way we used to work nowadays (ex-post). Most legal and financial control happens afterwards nowadays. A Judge rules or an accountant takes a probe afterwards. Using blockchain means that you build a roller coaster "upfront" A system that cannot derail. Extremely fast and secure. No Judges needed on a marble ball path.

From a technical perspective (de-)centralization is certainly important, but it happens more under the hood. Real big news for companies start implementing blockchain is this fundamental other way of working. OLE provides you with the tools to build lightning fast "a priori" mean business processes. OLE "digital contract evolution", makes the corporate design party complete

 Source: Art_Escher

​Legal draftsman can neither write nor read Solidity, the code used for programming the popular Ethereum blockchain. Programming languages are immature and  change each few months. How to handle? Programming languages use "inheritance" and "nesting". Have you ever head of an object oriented lawbook? How to read Solidity, where the contract name and date are mostly invisible due to "inheritance"? OLE is a layer on top of the code, lawyers can read. This is OLE, please try to read ...

Dinsdag 15 mei 2018, Fort Voordorp te Utrecht, Nederland.

Workshop Blockchain oplossingen voor Compliance & Risk

Door Herman Balsters & Arnoud Berghuis

Your company can avoid the nod down in the graph and hit the 3.6 Trillion global supply chain.This is our primary process the global supplychain. OLE enables to get that market. Economic law tells that whoever is first, stays first.

OLE is also great for Hedge funds and derivates. A huge market, that is on top(!) of 3.6 Trillion Gartner market, containing our global assets. OLE builds Blockchain based Hedge funds faster. Upfront "a priori" blockchain based funds are superior to old style "ex post" funds. 

Using OLE is strategic in the markets above.

OLE also lets you be more technology independent, reducing risk. Increasing implementation speed. Fast transactions need different more precise blockchains. For  normal government use speed is not a big issue. Who cares if an educational certificate is done in milliseconds ? OLE serves all back end blockchain tastes.Look also at this Computerworld report: Solidity is hard to work with, unmature!

OLE life cycle management is strategic. OLE l...

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