The pension track organization did not want a team to win that could not understand program code. Explanation is needed. A compromise is found:

For teams at the event it's enough that they can explain or READ the machine generated code. Teams do not have to WRITE the code themselves.

Teams  get a grade for their code quality. The OLE compiler generated code is perfect. Depending on the the team expertise OLE can generate 5 - 40 times faster code than humans.

OLE let you make ERROR FREE programming code for  Blockchains.

​Legal draftsman can neither write nor read Solidity, the code used for programming the popular Ethereum blockchain. Programming languages are immature and  change each few months. How to handle? Programming languages use "inheritance" and "nesting". Have you ever head of an object oriented lawbook? How to read Solidity, where the contract name and date are mostly invisible due to "inheritance"? OLE is a layer on top of the code, lawyers can read. This is OLE, please try to read ...

Dinsdag 15 mei 2018, Fort Voordorp te Utrecht, Nederland.

Workshop Blockchain oplossingen voor Compliance & Risk

Door Herman Balsters & Arnoud Berghuis

Generate blockchain code using OLE

Keynote: Herman Balsters of Blockchain Kennis Stichting

Host: IT's Privacy, Het Kwadraat, Lübeckweg 2

The Blockchain Knowledge Foundation launches the natural blockchain language, called OLE (Objects, Logic, and English) at the Hackathon. Our OLE compiler can generate Solidity code for the Ethereum blockchain. The OLE cloud editor generates Solidity code from OLE. Managers, legal- and financial professionals can read and write smart contracts in a manner close to their own professional practice. Herman will be a Jedi during the Hackathon.

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Blockchain Knowledge Foundation launch OLE complier at the largest blockchain hackathon in the world on April 5-th, 2018 at Digital City Groningen, The Netherlands

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