Most competitors hist look like a programming language. That’s not a natural language. OLE only writes down the facts. A natural means: ALL can read & understand OLE in an natural easy manner.

Many NPL`s are only an architecture, a design (not there!) for ICO: “the tower of Babel” sold again.

Many just got the wrong paradigm: OLE is not AI, like Google translate or IBM Watson. Look: If it was that easy Google would have done something like OLE ?! The huge market is there.

No word on “digital evolution” and it’s just as important as the rest…..

You generate a lot of versions of code. But HOW to handle all these updates and “digital contract evolution”. Once on a blockchain nothing can be deleted! How to handle all those versions?

So, take these criteria and enjoy your comparison of NPL's with this list from github/Mulder.

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