​​​Country, Education & Solution partners are needed to make Universal Blockchain languages a success. 

For investors, we offer our source code in escrow. The code is a mathematical translation function that can be proven by a digital notary to be correct. It’s also possible to watch the input output behavior of the compiler. 


We seek joint ventures and entrepreneurial models where ownership of the compiler is transferred because we realize that language needs to be owned by the its speaker the adapt, integrate to be more productive and to stay sovereign.

We offer courses and discuss & and tune the top reasons why your organization needs language as a tool. Your view on blockchain will never be the same. 

Our society needs governmental or corporate regulated blockchains and regulated readable compliance languages. Governments, Institutes or enterprises do need to regulate smart contracts and digital value (certificates, permits or e-coins). We offer language tools to build essential blockchains faster and maintainable.  


Education partners: UBL editor is perfect for educational purposes. We offer an "master level" educational curriculum. We offer many well annotated sheets and a coursebook with clear educational goals. We are all educators. With our UBL editor we deliver practical hands on cases, with clear measurable educational results. We can deliver a complete blockchain educational curriculum for law and economics students.

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