Franz Kafka like DATA MESS solved! OLE manages DATA federations.

March 21, 2018

OLE manages data federations in a revolutionary way. It never really worked to manage large database systems. Merging and migrating are nightmares because we did not have the tools we needed. Remember our total frustrations when we did build a new database system on top of several others? Each of those systems had the complexity of an OS. Humans minds just get lost. When centralization does not work we should decentralize, law of logic tells us. Now we have the tool to do exactly that: blockchain.


Charmingly, the blockchain connects all data silo's and versions of systems to come. Like a serial data bus. Just picking up hashes. No privacy issues. OLE does not compromise the integrity of your existing systems. All legacy systems stay intact. Enjoy our course and your legacy problems will be more than only solved. We open your eyes to connect to everything, even breaking through the walls of your organization, enabling data alliances.


Part of the reason technological adoption is sluggish for insurance companies as a whole, is due to the difficult assimilation of data — rampant with legal jargon — into formalized, computationally-flexible and complete solutions. The rewards of digital integration are contingent on so many technical, financial, and time demands, that it is much safer and consistent to keep things the way they are. OLE employs digital contract evolution to manage change. OLE lets you use blockchain to be a serial databus connecting your data silos.



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February 15, 2019

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