BKS lawsuit against Northchain B.V.

October 2, 2018

BKS claims the blockchain language IP from Northchain B.V.


Northchain B.V. owners Herman Balsters, Ronald Pereboom, Jelko van der Wiel, Stefan de Ruiter & Gabe van der Weijde are held personally liable because they did not bring the case before the Dutch court before Feb 1st. 2019 after starting a PROVISIONARY (Dutch Kort Geding) legal case to substantiate their allegations. A criminal court declaration has been made as well as an disciplinary declaration against Ronald Pereboom for misleading valuations as accountant. 


Pro-visionary cases have a temporarily limited reach. They do need to be followed up by law. In this case to proof any property right. Therefore Northchain B.V. and partners admitted her lost case they initiated June 2018. 


Probably Northchain B.V. owners wanted to mislead investors and sell something that is not theirs. All who plan to do business with Northchain B.V. should be warned. Feel free to contact us. 


The substance of the provisionary case was also low anyway. It was merely regarding the WORDMARK "OLE" they registered temporary the days before. We have also a Spanish version of "OLE", a very frequently used word that cannot be registered.    


The blockchain Language itself was NOT a topic, because provisionary cases cannot determine any ownership or determine any permanent right.  


The blockchain Language is made using the Open Source tooling ANTLR made by US professor Terence Parr. Also Dutch pragmatic Python founder Guido van Rossum contributed. Python is the global programming language open source and is known for its readability. The code for the compiler Gabe van der Weijde generated and was paid for by the foundation was part of the open-source ANTLR project. 


Herman Balsters left the foundation to exploit the language knowledge using the newly founded Northchain B.V. The blockchain knowledge is in the Blockchain Knowledge Foundation. 


Other knowledge is still in the foundation as agreed in writing. To transfer intellectual property out of the foundation, a written agreement or legal is needed. Such agreement does not exist. The knowledge is in the foundation as presented like Balsters himself stated here in this Dutch newspaper (DvhN) form April 2018:



- Join the foundation & blockchain4good - 


The Dutch Blockchain Knowledge Foundation promotes language engeneering.   

Language is human largest tool. Our society needs a language to digitlize without errors and misunderstanding. Tools do matter!   


Any language compiler sees all that goes through and is the place to guard intelectual property. Our foundations believes people should own their own digital language to control their digital world. Imangine a company like Google comes with a translator that translates english into computer code in a perfect way. You just have to press their button and accapt their terms, loosing your IP. Last decade we lost our privacy, the question is "what's next?". Dutch Blockchain Knowledge Foundation offers an alternative. Join us. Be part of our team.   


The blockchain Knowledge foundation spreads her knowledge, using an open model. We are a foundation and our mission is to create languages to do good. Language is human most powerful, infinite versatile tool. Our blockchain language is just more readable by being more specific for bockchain usage. 

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A language layer on top of the blockchain is needed to maintain and control IP.

February 15, 2019

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