The Milkman as an analogy for the Blockchain.

October 11, 2018


Its not hard to Imagine the milkman goes down the street delivering orders.

This blockchain minded milkman gives everyone a copy of all orders to the other residents. All residents can check the milkman now !


That’s the core idea behind blockchain technology.


Everyone can add up the totals. No milk or coins get lost without a trace. Off course a real blockchain is automated, handled by computers and encryption. Block chain consist also of a cloud of inventions like “time stamping” and “encryption”.


Blockchain benefits are: fully traceable, or immutable (write only), safe and secure (encrypted, decentralized copied ). Blockchain is tractable & transparent because all transactions are logged and stored securely offering immutable history and an audit trail. Security & trust are based upon the integrity of transactions, guaranteed via cryptography and cross checks. Eliminating virtual all human error or bias (tamper proof). More trust provided via consensus between all members after comparing the cross checks of the totals. Blockchain essentially replaces the need for trust.


Let me explain some key values to get you enthusiastic on this new edger system:

I am most fascinated by the blockchain secure tractable, immutable data history & audit trail. 100 % traceable data solves the 100 year old traceability problem described in the book “Der Proceß” by Franz Kafka. This solution is worth a book too! Blockchain makes a better fact based society possible. by describing the facts, the truth or the verdict boils out by itself.


Full traceability is new new to humanity: Kafka solved!


If an irregularity is detected somewhere, a blockchain system can lead you all the way to its point of origin. This universal problem of hiding traces is fully alive and flourishes in our growing complex society. Traceability is essential to fact finding or truth. Legal systems are fact based. The facts must be right first, then you can apply the rule of law. All science will profit from this evidence or fact based ledger. Suddenly we got new toolbox to make a intimate factbook. We are heading for a pure accurate and consistent "fact based society".


Imagine: 100 % traceable means that all theft, all corruption is traceable and catch able. There is just nowhere to hide for those who do wrong or cheat. When every paper-track is traceable. Even "passive aggressive" or lazy bureaucrats have no chance with all this blockchain based "times tamping". These properties lets us re-calibrate our complex society.


Be honest, last 100 years of humanity was a risky evolutionary social technological experiment. We initiated two world wars in Europe. All were based upon Franz Kafka his coordination problem. No one ever wanted war, all just blame each other. In fact there were dozens of parliamentary democracies that failed to stop the world war disasters. Europe still has a coordination problem. The deep shamefull “Wir haben es nicht gewusst” is still alive. The root cause, Kafka his problem, is still there. Still we are using one rule of law to sail around the other rule of law. Messing around people.That's Europe of Kafka. EU is a ship too big to sail.


Please sit back, think where we all came from. Before the industrial revolution we lived in small communities, ruled by simple cavemen, almost like we do now. However now we must coordinate billions & trillions that no one rely understands or traces. The size we must manage is far beyond comprehension of the human mind. We just jam altogether. There is no leader, a "Trump look alike" that can save us. We owe our world to put blockchain to the test.


Many old systems, institutes are beyond repair, not made for the dimensions and dynamics we need. Blockchain brings new coordination & trust in all our institutes. A new "fact based society" can replace not only fake news, but also fake law and fake leaders. Every generation has to reinvent itself, using the latest technology. Blockchain is a jewel for fact based legal systems, democracy itself and all institutes & enterprises. Our Blockchain foundation delivers the toolbox and the Natural Programming Language to build such modern compliance proof organizations. You do not need to master any programming skills to master blockchain. Consider to take few days of courses from me, that will able you to apply, master and value this once in a lifetime technology. Here is another nice similar story to read.

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