AI, systems & organizations controlled by smart contract rules

October 15, 2018


We cage animals to limit wild behavior. If people behave like animals, we imprison them. If systems run out of control, we hit the red button or emergency break. If organizations violate compliance rules, plans or goals, we limit organizational behavior by laws.

Golden rule:


When something or someone crosses limits, the boss draws a red line.


I suggest to apply this rule to ALL systems, organizations and complex AI based robots. Blockchain offers a perfect compliance mechanism. Smart contracts limit all behavior. Behavior is upfront programmed (a priori) and not posteriori (afterwards), when it's to late. Blockchain offers full traceable of system behavior to find causes and hold responsible.


The blockchain is a deterministic permanent record of real orders, perfect to border a the probabilistic, ever changing and reality guessing AI system.


AI and blockchain are fit seamless together. Making a safe smart contract grid on top of AI. Blockchain caged AI autonomy. I would trust a child to operate an drone or aircraft, if such robot compliance system is in place. All actions are traceable and immutable, upfront per-programmed.


Key paradigm shift is the ability to upfront (pre-) programme machine.


Upfront control is makes high speed machines & systems acceptable. We know that machines are faster, but what happens with our regular compliance checks or control ? Nowadays al systems and machines rely partly on posterior (afterwards) checks and balances by accountants. Also law is applied afterwards. Sometimes you can call the boss to decide. Blockchain improves speed, accuracy. Faster than human, but still ruled by men wihin the Operational Blockchain Designed Domain. (Let's call it: OBDD).Upfront control tuns this way of working around. Stay number one and get more control. Generals must love this. Any organization will become a per-programmed market Raptor or die. Of course, such market and war animals need compliance rule based caged autonomy!


The concept of caged autonomy can also be applied to corporate or governmental systems.


These giant systems or regimes are far more dangerous than the robots we fear. They caused wars. Global corporations and large regimes have limited beaks, steering or boundaries. Democracy itself could be called old & primitive. Google, FB and even AI based robots can get out of control. We need digital blockchain based tools to cage new age digital based organizations.


Most damaging is that these systems are not made to adapt or interact and have a single purpose. Brute profit or old ridged statutes.We need all systems to set values or limits and enforce them. We call it compliance & certification of systems & organizations.


I stress emphasize that governmental systems and organization just this paradigm just as well as to cats and dogs and many humans.Adding governmental systems to our discussion makes our discussion easier! We do know how to take organizations seriously, hold them responsible and accountable. Government or organizations can sometimes stand above humans. They are based upon machines at their core. Inside organizations can be people who just follow blunt orders.


If you accept my first point you almost automatically can conclude that:


Machines can become people, but people can become machines too!

This “people become machines” problem was described in the book “Der Proceß” by Franz Kafka has written 100 years ago, around 11 November 1918, the day WW1 ended. The day Europe ended for what it was. No individual or country to blame only terrible Kafkasian system” This problem was NEVER really solved. But now we can solve Kafka his issues by using blockchain, a once in a generation technology that brings 100% traceability. Trace and “Kafka is solved!” This would be really the best thing of our century! By solving Kafkaesque systems we learn how to cage AI based robots on the fly.



Please do not see AI wrong! The analogy with animals would be to teach crocodiles not to eat zoo visitors. Industry love to so. There are many tech pusher ICT firms out there, doing research at your cost. The AI god mod's apps never come cheap.

AI Robots are still just machines!

Systems based on AI are not that different from machines or other systems. Vital parts are missing. They are not contentiousness or do not suffer. People themselves even doubt their own contentiousness. Uncertain of their own status, people placed themselves sometimes above or below animals or God. Aristotle and Descartes and many others discussed this topic. Organizations never have a moral. They perform just as a single task like "make a profit". Yous must follow orders and stop thinking in many organizations. They know no pain or pleasure or morale. People have that, systems not. Most of the time machines are not smarter, but just faster. True, a smart photo finish outperforms humans on speed.

Most important is language. We cannot talk to machines efficient, without error in a structured way now.

We must understand the machine and the machines understand us, without error or misunderstanding. That's the main reason for our fear, mistrust for machines.

The language between humans is a platform to share abilities, culture and deeper values. For most machines we still need a translator, we call a programmer, an operator. Sometimes you do not even get a manual. We better focus on using a more advanced control language interfaces. There is a need for direct ERROR-FREE control & TRACEABLE behavior.

Using the NBL mathematical compiler we translate without errors.

NBL Natural blockchain language lets managers produce error-free executable blockchain code. Even 10 times faster. The NBL compiler does the work, the NBL translates English/into Solidity for Ethereum/Quorum.

More important than speed is that NBL makes that lawyers or managers can understand (R/W/VALIDATE) blockchains and that code are ERROR free. I remind: blockchain is write only!

NBL comes with a simple 2 STEP methodology to grantee ERROR-FREE code: 1. NBL natural language input texts can be validated for correctness by domain experts. 2. NBL compiler does the work and compiles to executable blockchain code like Solidity for ETH.

NBL is 2 years ahead of the market, annalists say. NBL brings transparency, immutable, safe & traceable data to the mass.


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