A language layer on top of the blockchain is needed to maintain and control IP.

February 15, 2019


The Issue: A different hash can be considered a new copyright order. A very minor change to already recorded works of coders is also considered new copyright. This does not work. Law& coding doesn’t rhyme I will explain. The work should have been interpret but the court could not interpreted, read or verify ugly computer code. That’s logic because lawyers never become coders. If others go to the court disputing 2 almost similar things it is no issue and you win. The coder lost access to justice because the judge cannot code.


Solution 1 (Hard). Revise IP laws on an EU/global scale and also teach judges to understand the code.

Solution 2. (Easy&Free) Use your OWN natural blockchain language and a compiler to maintain IP/comply with laws.


First, understand that a language compiler is a central place where all code has to go through. 


I emphasize the place can be controlled because it’s central and not decentralized like the blockchain. We also must know where the code is that we dispute. Ever changing not found code is a solution not to get disputed.


The second part of the solution is to use a Natural readable blockchain Language based upon pure logic. 


You cannot judge what you cannot read. The demand from courts for readable and verifiable text should remain what it is. Delivering a mess in the wrong language to courts remains your own risk. Coders do not produce a mess or Swahili but they produce logic. Using a common language they can understand each other again. IP lawyers can interpret the meaning of the code using natural blockchain language. Minor changes could be made again.

Automated regulated plagiarist scanners could be added to determine the change. Be aware that requests of automated code is needed to be process in an automated way. 


The third part is to check the legal compliance of the code.


Laws must be respected before we can tell that the code is really correct or error-free. Dealing with privacy and security and also enabling a mechanism for change (!) must be in place. The blockchain is write-only and people should be cautious to execute irreversible unstoppable actions. We also demand a break on a car. (The first cars did not have proper ones).


The urgency of digitization of law


Malta’s 4th draft blockchain language recognizes logic and natural blockchain language. Other EU member states must except partner state verdicts. Other EU members and a lot more off-shore act fast. Speed matters within our new digital world.

The compiler where all goes through is also the place to tax.


EU digitization asymmetry causes cost pressure and income loss. It’s simply digital tax or no tax income at all.

Please look take a look at diminishing EU VAT income. The VAT tax is EU major income. If you doubt then study a similar tax like royalties on music and listen to yourself when you paid last time your music tax. Taxation in the old world is difficult and in the new world easy & automatic on issues that matter like negative external effects (environment) not when someone adds value. Digitization demands new digital tax models to survive. 


Another example. To implement GDPR effectively in a digital world it must be done in a digtal way to keep up. The privacy disclaimers waving all responsibility away. this is an digital alternative that implements solid principles like claim based access control and self sovereign identity upfront. Working upfront (a priori) & automated is a key blockchain advantage.


Losing your business & IP/secrets is just as easy as all lost their privacy last decade.


Remember Google is tracking you. Even when you're in Airplane Mode you can watch here.  You need to have your OWN blockchain programming language and compiler where all goes through to prevent loosing your business and sovereignty.


It sounds ambiguous to build such a system. Realize that language is a human most powerful infinite flexible tool. It works. Alternatively, try solution 1. I described before how to breakdown privacy in digestible chunks and I do give courses too if it is not clear. I could tell you a lot more.


Double jobs for Lawyers accountants & compliance officers.


Not all jobs get automated now. That’s a false perception. First the technology productivity paradox is there for decades to come. Old jobs given by law will stay for a while to double check and handle exceptions.


All work must be checked a priori or upfront. Ex post checks remain.

New jobs are needed to write code and check code & compliance upfront. Lawyers and accountants are used to working ex-post. Now they must do all jobs they are used to do ex-ante or upfront too.

This "A priori" way of working also means that you can create many scenarios. That’s very useful in our changing world. But also an endless source of work.

Ambiguity causes that not all can be automated. A focus on simple rules like Boolean compliance (yes/no) checks can be done. Releasing the 80/20 rule on high volume simple cases shows how useful the system is. This approach will free-up flooded legal systems. Automating dull jobs to free up resources to improve the really interesting cases. Take my course to discuss ambiguity percentages in depth, get more out of it.

There is even more work because many colleagues get stressed, breakdown or just sail away after the first well paid jobs are done. A serious issue because knowledge domain experts like lawyers & accountants cannot be replaced. Their expertise and experience is 80% of the job of making smart contracts.

Education for using a natural blockchain language is needed. It’s maybe as easy as learning to use a typewriter. When they struggle it is probably caused by the fact that some are not precise enough and fail to write down all exceptions too. Some layers are not that precise and have to work harder. Maybe they are used to count on the judge to do their job.


There is not much of a choice whether or not to use the power of language. 


Natural blockchain languages and compilers to digitize business assets and government administrations 10 x faster in a maintainable & adaptable way. Machine generated code is simple superior. A must to compete. The compiler must be regulated for society to control & tax too. An analogy is digging a tunnel through the Alps using only a shovel. Handmade tunnels are scary & forbidden. Extreme tunnel building machines are needed. Marvel machines have limitations so does this system I need to mention ambiguity and the 80/20 rule again.

If your IP is not protected and you use 3rd party compilers you lose your IP and business secrets. Your business procedures are visible and can be copied. You create your own life x-ray picture on the web. The transparent blockchain even shows where all can get your profits and how you do it. Copy all like a song. Consider acting before you are forced to use Google like alternatives where your business secrets are the price. This is the moment you learn from losing your privacy last decade. Now the whole business and your countries digital sovereignty is at stake.



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A language layer on top of the blockchain is needed to maintain and control IP.

February 15, 2019

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