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Universal Blockchain Language  ///  UBL


We offer an easy Natural Blockchain Language, a methodology and a compiler to digitalize business and assets 10 x faster in a maintainable & adaptable way.

Large maintainable blockchains are hard to build the ICO winter shows!

Our solution is a universal language on top of any blockchain. Compiler generated code from natural languages is error-free and that’s important because the blockchain is write-only. Language host a mechanism for change, privacy, security and integrating with legacy systems. The blockchain knows 2 major fields of usage: Smart contracts and digital values. Our UBL generates smart contracts.

Tools are needed to build proper blockchains. Compiler generated code from natural languages is error-free and that’s important because the blockchain is write-only. Language host a mechanism for change, privacy, security and integrating with legacy systems. The blockchain knows 2 major fields of usage: Smart contracts and digital values (coins & certifications). Our UBL generates smart contracts to digitalize organizations.

A language is a human most powerful, diverse and infinite tool to transfer knowledge and trust. There is a need for an easy high-level language on top of any blockchain.

Please compare UBL with Google translate. Google cannot translate English into error-free Java code. UBL can translate error-free. Google uses the wrong paradigm and technology like stochastic AI and graph theory. Our deterministic first-order predicate logic mathematical translation function is always correct.

Our language layer on top of any blockchain hosts more essential tools and methods. Digging a tunnel through a mountain using only a shovel does not work either. Tools do matter. A language layer on top of the blockchain is needed.

We also solve how to adapt & grow in an organic way. How to change something on the write-only blockchain? How to adapt to changes in the external environment? It's like the story of life. Life has DNA, without DNA there is no life. The Blockchains or any ICO’s that do not provide such internal mechanism.

We offer organization owned compilers that protect business procedures and IP. A language layer enforces the new legal and business engineers to work in a structured way and maintain business scenario libraries that speed up results too.

A language is a human tool for transferring knowledge and trust. Most powerful & infinite flexible.

All human accomplishments derive from our ability to acquire knowledge from others using language. The unique tool separating us from everything else alive.

​We need a language to talk to machines too! Talk to systems without error and misunderstanding is the digital version the story of the tower of Babel. All humans need to talk to systems organizations and robots soon. All people should be able to read/write or verify organizations & robots. Digitization is the new source of wealth and progress. Managers, legal draftsmen, lawyers & accountants should write and read error-free blockchain themselves.

Language and blockchain are a perfect match. Language transfers knowledge & trust. The blockchain stores and traces data transparent safe and secure is also providing trust. UBL is powerful and just needed on top of any blockchain system and machine to let it work at all.


The Unique product:

We offer a unique natural language based upon a unique mathematical based language translation function. It comes with new methodology and vision to ensure and proof that every translation is 100% correct. UBL makes math & pure logic readable for lawyers & judges using a mathematical translation function. The 4th draft Maltese blockchain law recognizes the blockchain language & pure logic. Sounds logic! All EU member states follow. Now all can read and write 100% error-free the write-only blockchain.

UBL comes with a unique method: a 2 easy step methodology.

First natural language input texts for the compiler that can easily be validated for correctness by domain experts like lawyers, managers, legal draftsmen and accountants.

Second step: UBL compiles into on the blockchain executable code like Solidity, Java & Kotlin. The proof is in the certified math.

How it works. UBL translates one language into another, using math. Imagine our unique translation formula this way: Imagine you get from me two languages, German & Japanese. I also give you all that belongs to those languages, like the semantics, grammar & ontology. Now I ask you to make a mathematical formula between those languages in a way it always works. The math must proof your translation is always correct? Google Translate cannot translate error-free. Google has the wrong paradigm, they guess answers using AI. UBL her error-free formula is extremely useful for the blockchain preventing errors.

UBL stands close to the business practices. UBL is a business process specification language for blockchains. UBL compiles to executable code for a blockchain like Ethereum or Corda. Building a blockchain means drafting smart contracts wrapped in business models takes 90% of the time. This work should be done by knowledge domain experts like lawyers, legal draftsmen accountants and above all managers and directors themselves, because they carry the final responsibility of smart contracts.


1. By ALL readable universal code that can be validated by non programmers. Let the right people make "smart contracts", Legal, financial experts & knowledge domain experts. Programmers are not available anyway.

2. ERROR-FREE. Machine made code prevents human errors. How to get rid of them on the write only blockchain !?

Testing never guarantees error free code. Sure you can find one error, maybe you find even 10 errors. But, testing does not grantee that you find ALL errors! A proof strategy like UBL brings is needed. Machine generated code is superior to handmade code. UBL checks the output code upfront and even forces programmers to work in a structured manner. Garbage in is garbage out is valid more than ever before in the case of blockchains. UBL gives better results than direct Ethereum or Corda programming. The validated UBL can then be compiled to the Solidity programming language that can be executed on Ethereum and Quorum (JP Morgan) blockchains. Errors on a compliance level are not acceptable.

3. 10 x faster to the market. Using UBL is like making a website with a wizard, all can do that. Tools matter. Throw away the shovel if you can use a digging machine. High-level Business Modelling Language for Smart Contracts, Capable of modelling contracts, data, and business processes. Allows for complete business validation. Complete formal foundation. Completely conceptual. Ontologically universal.

4. UBL Makes your organization blockchain platform agnostic. UBL adapts easily to more output (Java alike) output languages. Blockchain is in its infant’s days. It's better to get independent and focus it's better to focus on the semantic (blueprint) models. Digital organizations risk to go down with the next technology cycle. Language is closest to the user is the winning interface. For example: UBL generates Solidity that can be used for many chains like Ethereum, Hashgraph & Quorum. Now you can decide where to run what parts of your application, tweaking all for their own purpose & speed. You can mix chains.

5. Maintainable, adaptable code. Smart contract cycle management is built in. build organic! Organizations are alive (the name say so). All alive needs a mechanism to adapt to its external environment. Like life has DNA. No DNA and its dead. We built this mechanism inside our UBL layer, because blockchain is write-only. How do you adapt your blockchain? UBL can.

6. Maintain "smart contract" IP /repositories. Protect yours using your own corporate UBL compiler/server. 

7. Smart contract & smart laws should be regulated upfront. If you want to hold a digital value (coin, permit or certificate) you must be able to let officials/accountants/lawyers watch along. Digital values need compliance proof procedures. You can verify only what you can read, hence readable code is needed.

8. A central corporate UBL compiler to protect the corporate intellectual property. Digital corporations risk getting copied using third-party languages and compilers.

9. Solve issues like change and social privacy issues hosted in the language layer ONTOP of the blockchain. Where else ? 

10. Organizational control using business blueprint or semantic models. Less IT resources needed.



Language a human most powerful tool. Indefinite rich & flexible. We offer business models for all industries, public administrations to solve compliance and certification issues. We enable digitalization, control and growth. The large amount of business models reduce our entrepreneurial risks and a joy for all investors.

UBL is perfect to educate alpha and gamma thinkers. All working those working with a social sciences background can benefit from a language that is readable and understandable for them. Teaching alpha by using educational tools that belong to betas (Java) cannot work. Together we can release the wealth by digitalizing our world. 



The latest Maltese blockchain law recognizes natural blockchain languages based upon logic. Agile countries like Malta start building and demanding mathematical based compilers and languages soon. All courts must be accepted our language because it’s based upon verifiable first-order predicate logic. We make the abstract math only readable for all. Blockchain Language is the tool needed for lawyers, legal draftsmen, public adminstrations and accountants to solve all issues regarding compliance and digital values. The next (5th) Maltese blockchain law that will define the exact blockchain language based toolbox for legal draftsmen. Malta is an EU member and other EU members must accept Maltese court rulings, creating a de facto digital legal language standard.

Digtal sovereignty: Owning the language compiler is needed to regulate smart contracts and protect corporate IP & knowledge. Owning the language is needed to get tax income at all in our new digital world. 


All assets will be digitalized soon. After digitising car rides (Uber) and garage stuff(Ebay) it is clear digatalizing assets works. Now our real estate, natural resources will follow. The digitalization of assets means a far better utilisation, an unknown large source of income hidden in a many trillion wealth iceberg that can be used to re-balance society.


Language technology can solve the economic issues related to negative external effects and free-rider problems harming the environment by adding traceability & digital tax. This technology can take away information asymmetries were banks earn income from by adding transparency.  

Blockchain language brings full traceability of data solving compliance issues like fraud and bureaucracy. UBL brings mass transparency, immutable, safe & traceable data faster to our world faster. Full traceability is the new for mankind and the core benefit of the blockchain. Inefficiencies and fraud can always be traced.




See the sample code below. The proof is in the pudding. Lawyers and accountants MUST read smart contract to verify them, that's our main proposition. Please review/ask their and our input code and get convinced.

If you can read/verify our language below you probably understand the blockchain & smart contracts and can work 10 x faster in an evolutionary way. If you hear of another natural programming language then just verify the input language.


AI-based translators like Google translate. We can translate English into error-free Java or Python code. Google translate cannot do that. Google uses AI and graphs, that’s the wrong paradigm. A mathematical translation function with a proof mechanism is needed to guarantee error-free code.

Smart contract templates providers or brokers. That’s not the same as providing a language or a compiler, shielding the intellectual properties of the business as we offer.

No one offers compilers and source code and compiler partnerships like we do. At the end, language cannot be owned. We human most powerful tool and tweak it to your wants and needs, realizing that language is irrevocably connected to business and humans to grow, store, transfer knowledge and trust.

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