Provide language to let people talk to systems & machines. Talk to systems without error and misunderstanding is the digital version the story of the tower of Babel. All humans need to talk to systems organizations and robots soon. All people should be able to read/write or verify organizations & robots. Digitization is the new source of wealth and progress. Managers, legal draftsmen, lawyers & accountants should write and read error-free blockchain themselves.

A language is a human tool for transferring knowledge and trust. Most powerful infinite flexible. All human accomplishments derive from our ability to acquire knowledge from others using language. The unique tool separating us from everything else alive.

​"Kafka solved!", a cry of joy. We connect old data federations in a fundamental new way. Blockchain offers full traceability is new for modern mankind and solves the the organizational problems Franz Kafka described in his book "Der Prozess" exactly 100 years ago.

Last century technology brought us the complex world Kafka described. Now, 100 year later we can finally bury harmful side effect of the first industrial revolution. We can re-balance our societies, now Kafka his digital coordination problem can easily be solved using new technologies and methods! We love to build the new digital organizations our modern world really needs now. The old problems get solved and language even offers a way to change evolutionary in a gently way.


We are an academic spin-off of a 400 years old global top 100 University. We connect the long present research in computer language science with blockchain technology. Python is also a high-level programming language created in the Netherlands, first released in 1991, Python has also the design philosophy that emphasizes code readability and is still the global language number two. We took this approach and made the language even more readable. 

In North Europe there were research groups translating one language into another using a mathematical formula. The translation should be "fehlerfrei(error-free)und systematisch". The first order predicate logic we use is the same as used in time-stamping (pünktlichkeit).

The mathematical formula between two languages, using all like the semantics, grammar, ontology of both languages, that must always work seems an academic obsession until it became important because we cannot accept translation errors. The blockchain is write-only and we cannot get rid of them. We solve compliance issues and error could be fraud as well. The academic footprint of research and the root of the blockchain is liked to these cultures of working error-free and time-stamping.

Although Language is a human most powerfull tool. It lost its importance during the first days of computing. In those days the cost of the first mainframe machines was that high that the programmers were for free. Nowadays the programmers cost a lot more than their laptops. Society failed to invest in languages that enable people to talk to machines and systems in an efficient manner. We try to close this gap and invest in better language tools